What We Do

The aims of IAAT are as follows:

1. To provide an independent officially recognised representative professional association for a sector of the Irish tourism industry that is valued at almost €1 billion.

2. To provide a unified voice for the large number of small companies that make up the adventure sector.

3. To highlight and promote Ireland as a world class adventure travel destination.

4. Provide industry data and reports from regular member surveys.

5. To promote co-operation, communication and cohesiveness within our sector.

6. To promote best practise in all areas of our businesses, including: a. The highest service and safety standards (but not to regulate them) in a practical way that is sustainable and workable for the industry. b. Sustainable and responsible tourism – with a drive towards ecotourism. c. Business practices – including supplier, customer and employee relations.

7. To be the industry liaison with official bodies (Failte Ireland,TI, Sports Council, Local Authorities and the ATTA) on standards in the industry and infrastructure investment and development (E.g. Walking routes, Greenways, Blueways etc)

8. Advocacy and Lobbying on behalf of the adventure sector at all levels.

9. To provide continuity of representation for the sector.

10. To distribute information to members on industry trends and opportunities.

11. To organise discounted staff and management training.

12. To promote adventure tourism as a career choice and encourage career development.

13. To promote closer cooperation with educational bodies and the sharing of knowledge.

14. To identify success stories within the sector and provide case studies on such.

15. To be a positive force for innovation, ideas and progress within the industry.

Goals of IAAT:

  • To achieve top ten status for Ireland is the index of adventure tourism destinations.
  • To increase sector profile in Failte Ireland and Tourism Ireland marketing campaigns.
  • To establish an annual “Get out there” style conference to energise membership.
  • For the adventure sector to “have a seat at the table” and be recognised as a major force in Irish tourism.
  • To be Ireland’s first carbon neutral association.

Culture of the Association:

  • To provide leadership.
  • To encourage sharing and cooperation.
  • To be proactive and positive.
  • To innovate and set trends.