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All completed applications are submitted to our board for approval in line with our membership requirements.  On successful approval you will receive notification along with an invoice for the appropriate annual membership fee. If you have any questions in relation to the process please get in touch by emailing

IAAT Membership Benefits & Prices


  • Discounts for a range of goods and services for industry relevant suppliers and for general business services.


Support and assistance on a range of matters, including but not limited to the following;

  • Employment relations
  • Marketing (Domestic & International)
  • Legal matters
  • Cash Flow & Seasonality
  • Finance (Grants, Loans, investors)
  • Health & Safety
  • Brexit
  • Business Expansion
  • Industry standards
  • Free posting of jobs to


  • Working closely with Tourism agencies on strategic development
  • Membership and representation at national and international tourism associations
  • Participate on industry working groups and policy groups


  • Access to the IAAT group insurance scheme (pending approval by our brokers Arachas)


  • Marketing benefits – inclusion on IAAT website and other promotional communications and literature of the Association.
  • Access to IAAT Brand – adding strength to your brand and business, and providing an assurance to your suppliers and customers.
  • Joint promotional opportunities at domestic and international events
  • Participation in the planning and implementation of Fam trips from international buyers.


  • Become a member of a group of like-minded businesses and individuals.
  • Access to professional forums for sharing knowledge among members and assistance in addressing collective challenges and finding collaborative solutions.
  • Through active participation at meetings, events, and the sharing of information, insights and experience, (and with the collaboration of relevant agencies and service suppliers) members will be enabled to continually improve their visitor experience and offering.


  • Raising the profile of the sector and providing a strong voice within the tourism industry, with tourism agencies and Government departments.
  • Lobbying on a range of industry specific measures including but not limited to, tourism infrastructure, Access issues, public funding, taxation (eg 9% VAT rate), Employment relations and transport regulations.


  • Access to tourism industry specific training and education initiatives in conjunction with Skillnets and other relevant agencies.

Who Should Join

If you would like to apply for IAAT membership please first read the requirements and criteria:

→  Membership Requirements and Criteria

Membership Plans

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