Terms & Conditions

The IAAT believes in the universal standards put forth by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (based on the UNWTO’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism), and that tourism businesses and destinations should adopt the criteria specifically in these four areas:

  • Demonstrating effective sustainable management
  • Maximizing social and economic benefits to the local community and minimizing negative impacts
  • Maximizing benefits to cultural heritage and minimizing negative impacts
  • Maximizing benefits to the environment and minimizing negative impacts

Community principles
IAAT Members — when working under the auspices as aforementioned — will treat each other and visitors/clients/guests/customers with respect and professionalism and conduct business with safety, honesty and integrity.

As a community, we will seek to improve our own organization’s compliance with the points noted above. As a community, we will wherever possible seek to assist other organizations and professionals within the association to achieve success, both in the pursuit of the values noted above and in business.

As a member for the IAAT I agree to the following code of conduct

Have a core value of implementing a duty of care to my customers/clients/guests/adventurers on a continual basis.

  1. To actively participate in growing the Irish Adventure Tourism Sector by:
    • Providing a globally competitive product and or service;
    • Constantly innovating and implementing better products and services;
    • Developing/creating and implementing global benchmark(s);
    • Instilling excellence in our operating methods
    • Sharing our experiences both positive and negative from which all IAAT members can benefit.
  2. Research – part-take in regular industry surveys as distributed by the IAAT or its partners and agree to the information being collected to be shared as appropriate by:
    • Completing and returning any and all questionnaires issued within the requested deadline;
    • Bring to the attention of IAAT any and all issues which you feel will or may negatively or positively affect the industry as a whole;
    • Update the IAAT as to grass root developments taking place in your local environment or region.
  3. To attend and take an active part in the networking events and conferences organised by the IAAT, its partners and or affiliates by:
    • Being an exhibitor;
    • Being an attendee;
    • Giving lectures or talks;
    • Sponsoring events.
  4. To operate in compliance with Irish/Northern Irish Law in relation to health and safety in the work place and work place relations.
  5. To maintain a good standing with the Irish Revenue service/HM Revenue.
  6. To hold appropriate insurance relevant to the services provided.
  7. The business owners and Directors are free from convictions in relation to professional negligence or other relevant convictions.
  8. To hire qualified staff/guides/instructors and where possible pay them at or above the living wage.
  9. To operate in an environmentally responsible manner by applying industry recommended environmental guidelines* standards by:
    • Instilling “Leave no Trace” as a core value;
    • Work hand in glove with local tidy town committee and other relevant local organisations;
    • Reporting any and all incidents of pollution, poaching, vandalism, habitat destruction etc. to the relevant competent authority and the IAAT;
    • Where and when possible be pro-actively involved with the restoration of natural habitat, flora and fauna at a grass roots level in your local area.
  10. To operate to the highest possible standards of safety and actively work with the IAAT and its partners to promote good practise and maintain and improve safety standards within the sector.
  11. To maintain up to date and accurate information on the IAAT website by:
    • Keeping my member profile updated on a monthly basis;
    • Forwarding newsworthy items from my local area to IAAT;
    • Supply updated action shots, graphics and video clips which can be published on IAAT website, social media channels and promotional material.
  12. To proactively assist the IAAT to:
    • be perceived as a benchmark within the global adventure tourism industry;
    • Innovate and lead the world in adventure tourism in all related fields;
    • Create awareness nationally and internationally;
    • Comprehensively interact with local government;
  13. Ensure open communication between ourselves and IAAT – both positive and negative feedback with a view of finding accept able solutions and way forwards for both parties.
  14. Refer any media/PR opportunities to the IAAT as soon as they arise.
  15. Constantly make constructive suggestions and recommendations on improvements which will make the IAAT truly representative and effective for all its members.

Since the IAAT operates as a business network and as a community, it is important that IAAT curate the network with common values. While the IAAT is not a compliance organization, members that clearly fail to observe key values after being alerted and given a fair chance to remedy run the risk of being removed from IAAT membership.

Annual Membership fees must be paid to gain access to member benefits.

  • Fees are based on annual turnover as outlined below.
  • Membership is valid from billing date for 12 months.
  • Fees not paid within 28 days will result in Membership being cancelled.
  • By providing your card details, you allow Ireland’s Association for Adventure Tourism CLG to renew your membership on an annual basis.
  • You will receive one month’s notice of renewal, should you wish to cancel or amend.

Membership Tiers:

  • Micro IAAT Membership; 12 months
    Turnover of <125k  /  <£105k
    fee of €150  /  £125
  • Small IAAT Membership; 12 months
    Turnover of €125k-€250k  /  £105k-£215k
    Fee: €300  /  £250
  • Medium IAAT Membership; 12 months
    Turnover of €250k-€500k  /  £215k-£425k
    Fee: €450  /  £375
  • Large IAAT Membership; 12 months
    Turnover of €500-€750k  /  £425k-£640k
    Fee: €600  /  £500
  • XL IAAT Membership; 12 months
    Turnover of €750k-€1m  /  £640k-£850k
    Fee: €750  /  £625
  • XXL IAAT Membership; 12 months
    Turnover of >€1m  /  >£850k
    Fee: €1000  /  £850